Hello, My name is Tyler Thomas I am the owner of KoolerKartz!  Here are some facts about the KoolerKart…

  • A KoolerKart is a head-turning, gas-powered cooler on wheels with off-road capabilities.

  • I decided to build a KoolerKart when I saw a similar one scrolling through social media, but I did not want to buy it so I decided to build my own, and it turns out people loved my version and wanted one… so here I am slowly but surely building them.

  • It takes me roughly 15 hours to make a KoolerKart from scratch.

  • The best thing about a KoolerKart is that you can ride it to, or bring, the KoolerKart wherever it is allowed and have a great time with the kart and the people around you.

  • The most challenging part about building my version on the KoolerKart is not having any CAD drawings, parts lists, or designs to go off of. I had to come up with a design and hope it worked… and it turns out it did. I overcame these challenges by taking a chance and trusting my fabrication skills to create an awesome product that Everyone can enjoy!

  • The KoolerKart’s top speed is 40mph with an empty cooler.

  • The KoolerKart can travel roughly 10 miles on a 1-gallon tank.

  • My KoolerKart weighs roughly 150lbs with an empty cooler.

  • The size of a KoolerKart is 3’2” wide x 5’2” long and stands roughly 2’ 1/2” tall.